Your visit to our website will take you on a virtual journey through our 6 youth villages in Israel and the schools, dorms, clubhouses and playgrounds of over 2500 children who have found a home here.

They have been designated ‘at risk’ by the Israeli Child Care Authorities, be it because of poverty, neglect or abuse, or because their own families simply could not cope. Others come because they are orphans, others still because their parents could not easily integrate into Israeli society and thus could not help their children to become part of their Israeli peer group.

Our graduates make up the success stories of Israel’s future leadership.

Listen to their music »

Ambassador Daniel Taub at ZF Gala event with YA Ensemble by Marc Morris

Meet Noy and Sheiman, two of the children in our Youth Villages.

Updates from our Youth Villages

Newsletter Pesach 2015

Shimon Solomon: from survival to leadership

Graduate of Yemin Orde Youth Village elected to serve
in Israel’s New Parliament

Charity No: 1077913

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