Many years ago…

Youth Aliyah’s history goes back 80 years to Berlin, when, on 30th January 1933, a cold, grey Monday in Berlin, Hitler took over the reins of power. Not far from the city’s Nazi headquarters, Recha Freier, a woman of determination and Zionist passion created the organization that would, a few months later, be called “Youth Aliyah,”. In the course of the harrowing years that followed Youth Aliyah saved the lives of thousands of Jewish children by bringing them to Palestine and Great Britain.

Freier’s work did not, however, end in 1945. Over the years and until today Youth Aliyah is working tirelessly to bring homeless and traumatised Jewish children from more than 20 countries to one of its Youth Villages in Israel. Here, amidst the olive groves and the orange trees planted by the Youth Aliyah pioneers themselves, these once abandoned children have grown into what today is the backbone of Israeli society – becoming Israel’s teachers, writers, lawyers, accountants, farmers and scientists.

Youth Aliyah Child Rescue’s work continues… the waiting list of children desperately needing a home in our villages is growing by the day.

Boys walking with teacher Villages photo gallery

“Youth Aliyah is not only a way to restore to the children in its care their physical and emotional well-being, but also a trust in human love and respect.”

Albert Einstein

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