Festive Mechina Opening

14 Feb 2013

The Mechina is a splendidly renovated leadership training village made possible in large part ​by New Vision’s Co-Chairmen Joy Cohen and Miriam Martyn.

In a very moving ceremony the Mechina in Hatzor was officially inaugurated this week. In the company of the Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, Rachel Rabin, representatives from the British Embassy, personalities from the Israeli Armed Forces and the YACR Chairmen, Miriam Martyn welcomed guests to a project which she deeply believes will build a stronger Israel.

Miriam Martyn along with Joy Cohen were instrumental in raising the necessary funds to complete the building works, the gardens and dormitories. It could not be a more splendid facility preparing hundreds of graduates from disadvantaged background to reach high and achieve high, said Shimon Suissa the local mayor.

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