Newsletter - Autumn Winter 2013

Join us to celebrate 80 years of achievement...

Man holding boy in arms

…with a night to remember of celebrations, history and amazing speakers.

On Tuesday 4th February 2014 we are absolutely delighted to be celebrating our 80th year with what we are sure to be a memorable gala dinner.

We are privileged to have one of the world’s most charismatic and revered Jewish leaders, Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, Holocaust survivor brought over to Israel by Youth Aliyah, previous Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel and current Chief Rabbi of Tel-Aviv (amongst other great achievements) as our guest speaker. It is difficult to truly express the greatness of Rabbi Lau and how honoured we are to have him with us. To hear him speak is an occasion not to be missed.

We are also thrilled to be welcoming Shimon Solomon a member of Knesset and graduate of Yemin Orde.

To join us at this event or to support us in another way such as placing an advert in our brochure speak to Martin on 020 8371 1580 or email

Would you like a beautiful Village Art Calendar?

Cover of art calendar

Once again we are thrilled to have produced our beautiful village art calendar September 2013-December 2014. The talented artists are a mixture of students from our Youth Villages and with their art they are delighted to ‘give a little’ back to the community as a thank you for allowing them to be well adjusted thriving adults. To order a calendar please call the office on 020 8371 1580 and ask for Nicola.

Pop by and say hello to us at the Jewish Living Expo
- stand 188

We are looking forward to exhibiting at the Jewish Living Expo at Wembley Stadium on 3rd November. To find out more about this fantastic event for the whole community visit and don’t forget to come by and say hello to us at stand number 188 on the day.

Goodbye and Thank you Eva

We were sorry to say goodbye to Eva Burke our Projects Associate. Eva was with us for over 6 years and worked on numerous projects including appeals, events, committees and funding applications whilst increasing the profile of Youth Aliyah Child Rescue. The JW3 Seniors programme which she is now heading is an exciting new venture and we feel certain that there she will also leave her mark. At the same time we welcome Nicola Noah as our PR and Communications Manager. Previously, Nicola worked for the Jewish Volunteering Network and The British Technion Society.

News From Our Villages

Aloney Yitzhak - student to director

Group of young people b entrance to building

Yaakov Benbenisti (“Benben”) completed his first year as Director of Aloney Yitzchak. He was a student at the Village from age 16 – 18. Upon graduation from Aloney Yitzchak, he served as a paratrooper in the Israel Defense Forces, and then returned to the Village to work as a “madrich” (live-in counselor, group leader), and then Finance Director. After 22 years as a professional at the Village, and with then-Director Nina Glassman’s encouragement, Benbenisti was promoted to Director.

Aloney Yitzchak has also recently received a saxophone for the music department thanks to a generous donation by one of the YACR supporters.

Neveh Hadassah - Projects Ready For Chanukah

Bare room with table and chair and two windows

Neveh Hadassah is extremely grateful to the Brighton and Hove Youth Aliyah Committee for their generous donation towards the Hilton Dormitory which will be presented officially in December. The previous dormitories were in a complete state of disrepair with problems relating to asbestos, ventilation and construction and are now a place the children can feel safe and in a welcoming and warm environment. Around the same time in December the new staff offices will also be completed again with thanks to Youth Aliyah Child Rescue donors.

Talpiot - New Year New Facilities

Group of small children in costumes with two adults

Thanks to the funds raised by its generous supporters Talpiot has begun the new school year with the opening of an additional family unit in the residential facility. This unit will be a foster home for an additional 12 at-risk young girls thus bringing the total number of units to 130 children ages 5-15. Each family unit constitutes a large spacious and friendly apartment which serves as a warm and supportive home for 12 children, their married couple counsellors and their own children, as well as two national service girls.

In addition to this a new group room for 15 additional children has opened in the ‘After School Care Centre’. These children are referred to Talpiot by welfare authorities and they are picked up from their local school, taken to the centre and receive meals, treatment programmes and therapies. After dinner they return home to their families. The children are also enjoying therapy through the petting corner regularly funded by YACR supporters.

Gold Medals For TOM

Teenage boy shaking hands with man and receiving award

The Youth Village TOM was honoured to host the world director of the Duke of Edinburgh Youth Award. He gave the boys an inspiring speech, encouraging them to aim as high as they can and he presented some of the students with Gold medals! More boys are already involved in the Duke of Edinburgh award this year (silver and bronze medals) and we wish them the best of luck. Later on in the school year TOM hopes that some of its students will achieve part of their award in the UK in partnership with JLGB and then to reciprocate the UK welcome with members of JLGB going to stay at TOM.

TOM is especially proud of 12th grader, Damas, who not only received a Gold Duke of Edinburgh medal but he has also recently been awarded the ‘OT Ramon’ Prize presented by the Ministry of Science and Technology. This award is given to 8 young people who have excelled in science and contribution to the community.
Thanks to the Maurice and Vivienne Wohl Philanthropic Foundation the Auditorium will hopefully be finished in time for Chanukah. The use of the auditorium on campus will expose the students to a larger variety of cultural events and broaden their education.

Yemin Orde - Discover the Many Faces Of Israel Mission

Paved area and tree in front of white buidling

Yemin Orde are looking forward to welcoming a group of visitors on a 4 day mission to see the beautiful Village and interact with the children as well as other tour highlights including private meetings with Israel’s military, educational political leaders. To find out more about this amazing opportunity organised by our friends in America happening from 13 – 17 October email

It was a great return for staff at Yemin Orde at the start of the school year when after years of living in primitive conditions (as donations have always been prioritised to the children) they can finally in December look forward to moving into brand new staff rooms. We would like to thank our Youth Aliyah Child Rescue donors as well as the European Committee donors for funding 1 of the 5 rooms. We are looking forward to the official handover of the rooms at Chanukah time.

Mechina - Women Welcome

Group of young men and older man posing for photo

For the first time the Mechina project in Hatzor is opening its doors to women. They will now have the opportunity to be part of this successful one year leadership programme which prepares immigrant high school graduates for leadership roles and a successful future as active members of the Israeli mainstream community. Current successes have been 90% of Mechina graduates serving in the IDF combat units, 30% of Mechina graduates served in IDF command positions and 7% have served as IDF officers.

An amazing and heartwarming experience by Adrienne Sussman

Young girl and older woman holding Youth Aliyah certificate

My visit to Israel, with my daughter, Debra, was the first I had made for seven years and when I returned home I was even more aware of the love, dedication and care that the Directors and staff give the youngsters to whom they devote their time.

Our first visit was to TOM where we were met by David Elbaum the enthusiastic Director. We had a tour of the Village including the impressive synagogue donated by the Wohl/Latchman families and we could see the great progress of the auditorium that was being built.

We then went to Talpiot which is completely different from the other Villages. They take in children, some as young as 3 who have suffered abuse, mental and physical from their own families. Here, they are placed in a family unit with house parents and with counselling and therapy are gradually brought back to a world without nightmares. Talpiot also interacts with the parents and, in many cases the children are returned to their own homes. To hear some of the stories was heartbreaking but to learn of the successful results is a testament to the many different people who work with these young children.

Group of young people standing with older woman

Our trip to Yemin Orde was also interesting. What was once a beautiful village now showed signs of the dreadful fire that swept though it in December 2010. Many of the burned buildings have been replaced but there is still much work to be done. The youngsters are coping very well and continue to bring credit to the Village.

After a day’s break we continued our visit, arriving at Aloney Yitzhak. We were met by Heidi who introduced us to three charming 14 year olds Marco, Tal and Aviel who accompanied us throughout our time there. We met them in the Club room attached to dormitories which I, with my late husband Leslie, donated in 2006 to mark our 50th wedding anniversary.

Young woman and older woman hold certificate

During the course of my conversation with Marco he told me that each child in the Village contributed to the Village by working in the orchard, the gardens, clearing tables in the dining room etc., to keep Aloney Yitzhak in the pristine condition in which we found it. We were entertained musically by some of the students. When I said goodbye to Marco, Tal and Aviel I felt I was bidding farewell to my own grandchildren.

Our last visit was to Neve Hadassah where we met six of the students. We talked about what they wanted to do and how being at Neve Hadassah had affected them. They were all enthusiastic about the Village and their hopes for the future.

Having been closely associated with Youth Aliyah Child Rescue for more years than I care to remember I am even more aware that it is up to all of us to do what we can to give the children and students what they so richly deserve, the chance to have a happy and fulfilled life. They are the next generation and through our efforts will be part of Israel’s future.

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