Newsletter - Spring Summer 2012

From Our Executive Director

I sincerely thank you for the wonderful support you continue to extend to our children in the youth villages. Wishing you a wonderful Passover! Yours, Nelly Ebert

TOM: three generations of the Latchman Family inaugurate the Wohl Dormitories

Amidst violin strings, under a blue sky and with dozens of smiling boys who can now move into the new Wohl Residences built in the memory of Vivienne Wohl z’l, two superb dormitories were inaugurated by Ella Latchman, Professor David Latchman CBE, his wife Hannah and their son Emanuel. TOM Village Director David Elbaum warmly praised the huge efforts and amazing achievements of the Maurice and Vivienne Wohl Philanthropic Foundation which made a dream come true.

Adrienne Sussman MBE

Our Life Patron and previous Co-Chairman Adrienne Sussman has been honoured with an MBE for her dedicated services to the Scouts and to Youth Aliyah Child Rescue. The Board together with staff and children of the youth villages join her family in taking pride in this richly deserved award!

The Mechina: a leadership training programme

The Mechina in Hatzor, largely supported by New Vision, a committee of YACR headed by Joy Cohen and Miriam Martyn is becoming a cornerstone for groundbreaking changes on a national scale. Every year it educates some 50 young Israelis who, though brought up in Israel, are not fully integrated and are on the margins of society. The newly-appointed Chief of Manpower in the IDF, who is also the first female General in the Israeli army – Mrs. Ornah Barbivaii was deeply impressed by her recent visit.

Talpiot: Mazal Tov to the B'nei and B'not Mitzvah

For children at Talpiot whose families cannot afford or are unable to celebrate a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, the village offers these youngsters a unique opportunity to do just that. London student Ruby Daitz has helped the Talpiot Bnei and Banot Mitzva by raising £1,000 through the Community Fun Run. She now looks forward to meeting her new Talpiot friends in the summer. Mazal Tov to all! Talpiot, this year, has received 300 referrals and offered expert treatment to 130 abused children.

Aloney Yitzchak: let's get cooking

The first part of the refurbishment plan for the kitchen which should save the village from having to close down this facility due to Health and Safety problems has been completed thanks to tremendous support from the British Jewish community. This means that fresh produce can be stored in proper freezers and fridges and dishes no longer need to be washed by hand. Phase B of the plan still needs to be funded and implemented, but preparing 3 meals a day for 300 children throughout the year is already a lot easier!

Yemin Orde: British Embassy staff up close

Led by British Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould the Embassy Staff chose Yemin Orde as the venue for its own training day. Inspired by the team spirit, warm sense of community and meaningful relationships which are paramount values at Yemin Orde, the Embassy Staff felt deeply enriched. “Yemin Orde is probably the best place to learn that everyone can achieve – helping each other do more, learn more and contribute more is a challenge for us all” said an Embassy official. “This is what the village instills in the children everyday and it was an opportunity for us to see it in action and be inspired.” A football match completed the day.

Neveh Hadassah

Courses in design, couture and hairstyling have been launched to empower young girls and help them feel more confident – they have huge impact on the girls who suffer from inner brokenness and a poor self image.

The Village Way by Dr. Chaim Peri

The abrupt rise in the percentage of the young amongst the poor of Israel and the worsening phenomenon of poverty-stricken families who are unable to provide their children with adequate conditions for a sound development, will no doubt continue to fuel Israel’s social protest movement.

In the face of the chaos, existential hardship and moral erosion amongst our youth, the vision of the Village Way educational movement sees an educational community of cohesiveness and meaning behind each and every child. Thus, education will be able provide the antidote to social alienation and helplessness amongst children and youth. Not least, it will get Israel back on track in terms of scholastic achievements in literacy and science – as in the days when learning and educating joined forces to produce Israel’s foremost achievements and achievers.

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