Newsletter - Spring Summer 2013

Graduates Remembered

In a moving commemoration at the Freud Museum underlined by the inspiring music of the Youth Aliyah Music Ensemble, over one hundred donors remembered the fallen village graduates Each year Dr. Lev Arstein, the Ensemble’s musical director who was the conductor of the Belgrade Symphonic Orchestra before making Aliyah, tours Europe with ten musicians from villages across Israel, including Aloney Yitzchak.

This year, for the first time, the group visited London. The mission of the villages is reflected in the mission of the orchestra: to bring children – by creating music together – from survival to leadership and emphasizing the need to introduce coherence in their lives. Graduates of the orchestra which unites children from orthodox and secular background and children from different cultures and disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds have become teachers, orchestra musicians, soloists and members of the Daniel Barenboim orchestra.

Music Ensemble joins ZF in Wembley Gala

The Youth Aliyah Music Ensemble is proud to have joined forces for its recent ‘Israel 65 Yom Ha’aztzma’ut Gala Concert’ at Wembley Arena.

Through their impressive musical performance, the Ensemble’s ten students reinforced the shared message characterizing the objectives of both the ZF and Youth Aliyah: working together to strengthen the future of Israel.

Having learned to overcome a variety of significant childhood traumas, these talented young people – with the help of the inspiring education they receive at the youth villages – are today emerging as leaders in their own right.

Joining with all the gala’s performers in a closing chorus of Hatikva, the Ensemble expressed the joint hope “to be a free people in our land,” echoing their ongoing individual journeys to achieving that end – in a very personal as well as a national sense.

Opening of the Mechina in Hatzor

The Mechina is a splendidly renovated leadership training village made possible in large part ​by New Vision’s Co-Chairmen Joy Cohen and Miriam Martyn.

In a very moving ceremony the Mechina in Hatzor was officially inaugurated this week. In the company of the Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, Rachel Rabin, representatives from the British Embassy, personalities from the Israeli Armed Forces and the YACR Chairmen, Miriam Martyn welcomed guests to a project which she deeply believes will build a stronger Israel.

Miriam Martyn along with Joy Cohen were instrumental in raising the necessary funds to complete the building works, the gardens and dormitories. It could not be a more splendid facility preparing hundreds of graduates from disadvantaged background to reach high and achieve high, said Shimon Suissa the local mayor.

Dr. Chaim Peri: Yemin Orde Educational Initiatives

“The children you so lovingly support, who have started their lives in a world of brokenness and rejection, are now renewing their trust in the goodness of humanity – which is a reflection of the goodness and trust that we are here for… Our vision is “a village that can instill in its children a recognition and pride in their past, a sense of direction and security about the future, an openness to transcendent values, a desire to improve communal reality and a deeper understanding and insight of their weaknesses and strengths.

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