Newsletter - Spring Summer 2015

Dear Friends

Pesach reminds us that we were once strangers and slaves in a foreign land. We should not forget that there are still countless children suffering injustice around the world and many are still treated as strangers in a country they have grown up in. Our Youth Aliyah villages provide a home, freedom and opportunities for these children so that they are no longer victims of abuse, war, deprivation and anti-Semitism.

One man who has helped so much with making the village a home and being a father figure to thousands of children is Chaim Peri. Past graduates came together recently to honour him. I am delighted to share this moving video with you which captures the emotions of this inspirational evening.

Our children are offered hope for a successful future.

We are so proud of our children and all their achievements from running the Jerusalem marathon to winning international music competitions to volunteering with the local community and excelling in their studies.

With plenty of positive stories to tell I hope you enjoy reading just a small snap shot of news from our villages.

Thank you for your ongoing wonderful support.

Nelly Ebert
Executive Director

Did you ever receive a sports award as a child?

If the answer is yes then you know how wonderful the feeling is and how proud you felt. This is how the boys of T.O.M. feel when they take part in the International Youth Award – Israel and together we can help increase the confidence of our T.O.M. boys even more!

From June 17-24 we are helping 8 young boys achieve their dream of coming to the UK to take part in the International Youth Award – Israel in partnership with JLGB and students from Hasmonean High School. This is the first of many visits that we hope to plan for the T.O.M. boys.

We have a jam packed schedule planned for the boys including a 2 day expedition to a Duke of Edinburgh camp site, a day out in London and a celebratory award ceremony with special guest speaker on Tuesday 23rd June (further details to be announced). If you are able to help in any way to support the trip please let the office know.

Aloney Yitzhak

Boarding School of the Year

Group of students on stage

At the beginning of February Aloney Yitzhak were thrilled to win the prestigious “Boarding School of the Year” prize from the Ministry of Education.

Kabbalat Shabbat

12th grade “Naale” students put on their final Kabbalat Shabbat presentation as Aloney Yitzhak students in early February. The students spoke about the changes they have undergone since arriving in Israel, learning so much more about Judaism, Israel, academics, the arts – and themselves. It was a heartwarming, amazing evening. First-year Naale students led a Kabbalat Shabbat presentation the month before. There has also been recently a Parents’ Shabbat.

Women's Mechina: Sigd Celebration in Migdal Haemek

Group of young woman

The ladies Mechina celebrated the Sigd holiday together with the Dror Youth Club, an after-school programme, where the participants volunteer as part of their community service programme and is one of many examples of regional cooperation. The evening included a ceremony, food, music, and dancing.

The director of the club wrote after the evening’s celebration “Tonight was successful like no other night. Your young women were amazing. I am so happy that you have become a central part of our Youth Club. I am always hearing from the children’s parents about the Mechina’s participants and staff. Thank you!”

Neveh Hadassah: Reach the Top

Group of young men in red sports tops

Each year Sharon, the head of Neveh Hadassah Youth Village boarding section, organises an ‘extreme mission’ of arranging for the children to climb all 1440 stairs at the Azrieli building in Tel Aviv. The children train hard at school for 2 months prior to the event and are extremely motivated and focused to participate in this challenge. On the day the children receive special t-shirts and then they complete their mission. By lunchtime they are ‘flying high’ having reached the top. There was a great feeling of empowerment and success for the children having completed this challenge.

A star in the making at Neveh Hadassah

Young man playing keyboard

Dani Dvorkin is an extremely talented Piano Player and composer. She has been playing the piano since the age of 5, studying later in the Academy of Music in Jerusalem. At the age of 9 she began studying composing and has been writing music ever since and was awarded first place in a youth contest for composers in Russia.
In 2013 she lived in St. Petersburg studying in a classical music academy unfortunately following family difficulties she moved back to Israel to have the support of our village.

At the village she is given the best professional support with a Russian musical tutor and thank you to the donors of Youth Aliyah Child Rescue a new piano has just been purchased to allow her and others to excel even further in music.

Please enjoy listening to her music.

Talpiot: Mazel tov!!

Bar Mitzvah group

We are extremely proud of the 17 boys and girls from Talpiot who recently celebrated their Bar/Bat Mitzvah at the Wailing Wall. After 3 months of preparation and study of Jewish Values, tradition and responsibilities they travelled to Jerusalem with the school and their families and a special ceremony was held at the Kotel.

T.O.M: Future engineers

Gropu of young men in class

The first engineering college class has opened at T.O.M. – the first and only college class in Israel, training graduates of telecommunication to be engineers. The IDF and Cisco are supporting this programme and are encouraging the training of the future telecommunication engineers in Israel.

Run Yemin Orde Run

Group of runners sittling on grass bank

For the first time, Yemin Orde’s running team participated in the highly ¬challenging annual Jerusalem Marathon. The team, which has trained for months, ran together through the hilly streets of Jerusalem as friends and staff members cheered them on.

Thanks to a generous donor, the teens on Yemin Orde’s running team all have the proper running shoes. The team practiced three times a week, gradually increasing their mileage and speed in order to train for the marathon. The boys and girls also participated in a Tel Aviv half marathon, held in February 2015.

The running program at Yemin Orde helps our at ¬risk youth develop self ¬esteem and confidence as well as teaches participants about teamwork and the healthy benefits of exercise. An important focus of the running program is the process of belonging to a team, working together, improving and the commitment to attend practices. After the marathon, Shmuli Bing, Yemin Orde’s Director who also ran alongside his young teammates, congratulated the runners and expressed his pride in their accomplishment. “Now you know that you can do anything. You can go to university or you can be a commander in the army. I am so proud to be the director of Yemin Orde!” said Shmuli.

Yom Hashoah UK

On Sunday 19th April 2015, we are helping to bring together the largest gathering of UK Jewry in recent history to remember the Holocaust, as over 120 communal organisations join the ‘Remember Together ‎- We Are One’ commemoration to mark the 70th Anniversaries of the Holocaust.

To mark this unique and poignant year, a special large scale National UK Yom HaShoah Commemoration will be held at Barnet Copthall Stadium, London NW4 1RL at 2pm, with capacity to seat 500‎0 people.

As Survivors grow fewer in number, ‎the 70th year MUST be the year the UK Jewish community comes together and pledges to keep the memory alive, continue their legacy and where as a community, we stand proudly as British Jews to defiantly say: ‘Never Again!’

The Holocaust was the most significant and tragic event of the modern Jewish people – on this special day together we mourn the loss of six million men, woman and children and as a united community we will pay tribute and say thank you to the Survivors and Refugees for the remarkable contributions they have made to the Jewish community and wider UK society.

This event cannot happen again – so please be out in force to remember the murdered, honour the survivors & refugees – and stand united as we defiantly send out the message, Never Again.

Uniquely this year, the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Bergen Belsen which was liberated by British forces falls on Erev Yom HaShoah and the National Event on Sunday 19th April falls on the English date of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

To book your free tickets, visit:

Parking is available on a first come first served basis, pre-booking is essential to receive a permit

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