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Shana Tova

Our youth villages have achieved a tremendous amount last year: children who never dreamt of going to school, have been able to do so, youngsters who never hoped to graduate, achieved high grades in their exams. Those who never thought they could achieve, have excelled.

I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your marvellous suport and I look forward to your continued commitment to our six youth villages.

Wishing you a healthy and peaceful New Year.


Nelly Ebert
Executive Director

Not just another calendar

painting from calendar

Our village art calendar for 2011-2012 is beautifully illustrated with paintings created by the children from the Youth Aliyah Child Rescue youth villages. Reviews have been fantastic, praising the design, the artwork and the clarity of the calendar. Tina Curtis, Miriam Davis and Marilyn Gerrard are heading this annual project and the villages are hugely grateful to them. Funds from the sponsorship money are earmarked for the kitchen project at Aloney Yitzchak. The calendar is being sold by our office, the Jewish Museum, Joseph’s bookstore, Steimatzky, the Hendon Bagel Bakery and by other outlets. Do please contact us if you would like one posted out to you!

Price £10.00/£12.50 (p+p)

TOM opens doors to boys from deprived homes

Photo of outside of building

Due to its acclaimed success in educating boys from backgrounds beset by hardship, poverty and crime, TOM had a long waiting list. After careful consideration the Maurice and Vivienne Wohl Foundations Trustees decided to help fund the building of two new dorms at TOM, thereby enabling it to offer a home to an additional 64 boys.

Today, the splendid new dormitories are completed. The doors are open, welcoming in eager boys who are determined to work hard to achieve high academic results, complete a diploma in a vocational field and lead a committed Jewish life based on TOM’s mission. Tora ve Avodah: Learning Torah and Working. A huge debt of gratitude goes to Mrs. Ella Latchman, Life Patron of YACR and the Trustees of the Maurice and Vivienne Wohl Foundation.

Yemin Orde: moving forward

side of building and blue sky

Construction of the village, badly destroyed during the 2010 Carmel fire will begin in the spring of 2012: rebuilding of burnt children’s homes, staff homes and offices will begin.

Two significant celebrations, however, have brought joy to the village: the wedding of a YO graduate who chose the village to celebrate this event and a Bar Mitzvah of a youngster from the FSU who had arrived at YO at the age of 5 after a turbulent few years in his early life. He grew up to be a lovely and loveable young boy.

The new school year has seen a fresh intake of children coming from much more challenged families than ever before. Whether struggling with financial, integration or emotional difficulties, the majority of children come from new immigrant families.

Protests in Israel: a Village View

One of the focal points of the ongoing protests within Israel, says Dr. Chaim Peri, Director of YO Initiatives, has to do with the state of education in Israel. Only those who can afford enrichment, tutoring and small classes can actually avail themselves of these privileges. The majority cannot afford it, let alone the immigrants and children of dysfunctional families who make up the population of our youth villages. The recent events, however, have brought together children from the opposite sides of the social spectrum.

“Our kids, no strangers to the feeling of being left behind, are today side by side with the protesters. Suddenly, they realised how connected they are to the spirit of the young generation outside the Village, those who carry the burden of Israel’s economy and defence on their shoulders”, says Dr. Peri. Aviv, a student from Brazil is moved: “No right or left, just caring for each other”.

Success of the Talpiot model

The Talpiot Rimonim Regional Centre for Treatment of Sex Abuse Among has been chosen by the Israel Ministry of Social Services and Affairs as the most successful pilot and model.

The Ministry thus requested the village to establish a southern branch in Netanya, which will cover a wide area from Netanya to Herzliya. This past year the Centre received close to 300 referrals.

Apart from its many other successful treatments, this year, Talpiot has also been able to return close to 50 children to their rehabilitated homes, after a time-restricted treatment programme.

Neveh Hadassah: Israel

Village staff has decided to ‘theme’ this year’s curriculum by asking all teachers to integrate Eretz Israel into their respective lesson. Lessons will illuminate the different and rich cultural aspects of Israel and children will be encouraged to produce projects which will be displayed in a village-wide exhibition, musical displays and competitions. “We feel that the theme of Israel running through all our lessons will further support our aim of creating a cohesive feeling of belonging amongst children who come from so many different backgrounds, cultures and countries,” says village Director Nahum Rintzler.

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