Uncertain times

Life goes on in Israel for our children and staff, however the daily routine has been shattered by the sounds of sirens and the droning sounds of aircrafts. Simona from Talpiot explains the harsh reality of life in Israel at the moment,

“We go about our business- work, shopping, summer camps, commuting etc. when the sirens go off- filling the air which surrounds us- we drop everything and rush for some kind of cover from the bombs or shrapnel. After a few minutes, the sirens silence, and then we hear the boom, wait another few minutes and resume our former activity as if nothing had happened… People go to work, the children attend summer camps, people do go to the  cinema to take a break from the distressing ongoing reportage and commentary on the TV, and it is a kind of defiant demonstration to show our courage and that we do not despair or fear, and that we have great trust in the army”

The villages are in constant communication with their students (Jewish, Arab and Christian) during the summer holidays and can see the effect these past few weeks are having on them. Extra support staff and therapists will be made available when the children return to the villages in September, not knowing if their friends, teachers and graduates; their village family are safe.  We already know to date that sadly 8 of the soldiers that have been killed are graduates of Youth Aliyah villages.

The Northern Villages are offering a safe haven: a place to live, eat and play for the children and relatives who come from the South. Therapeutic staff are on hand to attend to the children’s anxieties and offer comfort and a listening ear.

One of the Youth Movements is being hosted by Yemin Orde whilst their usual camp location is not safe for them to be in.

Talpiot is hosting a summer camp where unfortunately many of the outdoor activities have to be changed for safety reasons. They have also had to employ extra staff to ensure all children are correctly supervised when going to the shelters.

Yemin Orde Educational Initiatives is providing special educational materials for the students during times of distress, including issues of understanding safety protocol for immigrant students and their families, as well as helping them cope with the psychological stress of sirens and attack.

Youth Aliyah Child Rescue has united with our Youth Aliyah Europe to raise funds for the Youth Aliyah Villages in the South that need extra reinforcements to protect them from the on going rockets that they are so familiar with. Although the students have been evacuated at the moment, it is not a permanent solution. The shelters provide great protection when the sirens ring but sometimes they ring too late or now with the Iron Dome smaller pieces of the rocket are coming down towards the towns and villages. In order for the children to not live in the shelters permanently they desperately need funds to build reinforced concrete walls. Please click here to donate.

We wish and pray for a safe return for all of our graduates, educators and support staff who have been called up for emergency military service.

Nelly Ebert
Executive Director

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