Our Philosophy

Imagine a community of young people with children from different continents and speaking different languages. Some children are orphaned, some are traumatized by war and abandonment. There are other children too. They come from dysfunctional families where violence, drugs and alcohol are the order of the day. Imagine that all of these at-risk children live together, learn in the same classrooms, pray together on Shabbat and socialize with each other after school. They make music together and play sports. Imagine them growing up together in an Israeli youth village.

And then one day, after several years of living in our village communities, imagine all these different youths – who have survived all kinds of trauma – finally graduating – poised to become leaders in the army, at university, in their profession, and they act as role models for the younger generation still living in the village.

Imagine what it must take to make this happen. To find out about our philosophy, read about the Village Way.

Man and child studying at Yemine Orde village Villages photo gallery

β€œIt is our profound belief that the world... needs dynamic communities for children which have the potential to produce people who are motivated to build a better world.”

Dr. Chaim Peri

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