The Village Way

Although each of our villages has its own identity and educational outlook, at the core of their methodology resides the Village Way formulated by Dr. Chaim Peri at Yemin Orde.

Here, Peri provides case studies of some of the teenagers who have come to the villages, which he describes as a “kibbutz for children,” after suffering significant loss and trauma in their often war-torn home countries., or indeed in Israel where their childhood was marked by inner brokenness, displacement and extreme poverty.

He bases his educational agenda on two paths of repair: tikkun olam (repairing the world) and tikkun halev (mending the heart). These intersect to create healthy human beings. Once an individual’s heart is mended, he and she can reach out and help and support others.

To create the unique atmosphere in which these concepts become reality, the villages are staffed by highly trained educators to work effectively with the children. Their aim is to build trusting relationships, avoid power struggles, provide structure and create what Peri calls a “community of meaning” – the antithesis of an institutional setting.

Man and child studying at Yemine Orde village Villages photo gallery

“Our task is to provide young people with the taste and aura of wholeness and meaning that they so deeply need.”

Dr. Chaim Peri - author of “The Village Way”

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