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The Youth Village educational concept as applied in our 6 villages is designed to introduce wholeness and coherence to some 2,500 young lives that otherwise are bombarded by the chaotic onslaught of 21st century stimuli. They come to us broken, silent, confused, often violent, sometimes deviant and always underperforming.

In our Villages they embark on their journey of leadership.

The vast majority of our graduates leave our villages with a sense of direction and security about their future, with life skills that enable them to grow into successful, compassionate members of society and with the intention of becoming positive role models for others.

  • Farshid (Raz) Shirazian

    Aloney Yitzhak

    Farshid (Raz) Shirazian was born in 1982 in Iran and at age 16 came to Israel without parents or other family…

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  • Mitya Mazovsky


    Mitya Mazovsky is originally from the FSU and he made aliyah within the framework of the Na’aleh program (teens who immigrate without their parents)…

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  • Natali

    Neveh Hadassa

    At the age of 13, Natali was an unfocused, uncommunicative and unmotivated child who came from a very tough background…

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  • Zion Wasa


    Zion Wasa (35 years old), a graduate of the residential facility of the Talpiot Children Village who came from Ethiopia…

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  • Zubi.


    Arriving in Israel at the age of 15, just weeks after his mother had passed away during childbirth, Zubi.* had a hard time adjusting…

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  • Alona Poupesheva

    Yemin Orde

    Since her graduation from Yemin Orde in 2003, Alona Poupesheva, has achieved great success in her life thanks to the foundation of love…

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* Name and picture of Zubi. have been changed at the request of the village.

Man and child studying at Yemine Orde village Villages photo gallery

“The success of our villages lie in our graduates who return to us and teach their younger friends at the village!”

Village Director

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