Aloney Yitzhak

Farshid (Raz) Shirazian

Farshid (Raz) Shirazian was born in 1982 in Iran and at age 16 came to Israel without parents or other family. He is now in his first Year School of law and at the same time, he works a full time job at ACUM – a non-profit corporation administering the rights assigned to it by its members: authors, composers, lyricists, poets, arrangers and music publishers.

His journey to Israel was accompanied by long and arduous experiences. Farshid came to Israel after being forced to flee from Iran illegally. Whilst walking parts of his long journey by foot and travelling with-out passport through Turkey, one thing that kept him walking on was his dream to come to Israel and join the IDF.

After his arrival to Israel in 1998 he came to Aloney Yitzhak, where he learned Hebrew and continued his high school education. Farshid was highly motivated to learn the language, to successfully complete the matriculation exams, and continue for Academic Studies. He was a very active student and wisely used everything that the youth village offered. In 2001 he graduated from AY and joined the IDF for 3 years of cerise, living on his own, because his family remained in Iran.

After his discharge from the army he is he worked at various jobs till he was given the opportunity in the ACUM Corporation, where he works to this day. Due to his attitude, achievements and responsibility, Farshid has made remarkable progress in the ACUM Corporation.

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