Mitya Mazovsky

Mitya Mazovsky is originally from the FSU and he made aliyah within the framework of the Na’aleh program (teens who immigrate without their parents). His father had disappeared years ago and when his mother heard that it is possible to get an education free of charge in Israel, she sent Mityah off to Israel. She remained behind with his 14 year old brother. Upon his arrival in Israel, Mitya was placed in the tenth grade at the Yemin Orde Youth Village.

He came to the Mechina during its fourth year of operation as a very quiet, introverted young man with very low self-esteem. He is a very tall young man, strong and some might say overbearing in his appearance. This was in direct conflict with his sensitive and uncomfortable nature. Although he stands out because of his height, he has always suffered socially and found it very difficult to communicate with his peers. Over the year, Mechina staff members spent many hours talking to him. The process of understanding and learning to accept and believe in himself was slow, but successful.

When asked what he received from the Mechina, Mitya replies that he received self-confidence, the ability to manage and take charge, and a true connection with the State of Israel. He served in one of the most elite units in the IDF, becoming commander of the sharpshooter division. He is the youngest soldier and the first new immigrant to receive the Commander of the IDF’s citation for his outstanding service. He completed his service with an outstanding record. He is now a student in the Technion and has a bright future as an engineer ahead of him.

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