Neveh Hadassa


At the age of 13, Natali was an unfocused, uncommunicative and unmotivated child who came from a very tough background and a family situation in which her parents could neither care for themselves nor for Natali and her siblings. Her school teachers spoke of her as “trouble”. Then she came to Neveh Hadassah. Here, it took a long while for Natali to get used to the village’s educational framework and the ethos and although teachers encouraged her to fill her potential, Natali lacked the self-confidence to live up to it. All of a sudden, the chats with her mentors at the village fell into place and Natali thrived in an environment she started to recognize as warm, welcoming and supportive. She grew to love the field trips, grew to love her country and nature. She grew into a girl who wanted to shape a productive and meaningful future for herself.

“If it were not for Neve Hadassah, I don’t think I would have ever known what a beautiful country Israel is and what it means to be part of it, enjoy it and contribute to it. After graduating from Neveh Hadassah, Natali did one year of community services, then joined the army whilst also volunteering with children in Tel Aviv. With the help of the army Natali got her first apartment and saved money for the university. Today, she is a qualified and fulfilled professional who cares for others.

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