Zion Wasa

Zion Wasa (35 years old), a graduate of the residential facility of the Talpiot Children Village who came from Ethiopia as a young boy of seven years old with only his elderly grandmother to look after him.

He had embarked on the month-long treacherous march from their home town to the Sudan border. During this ordeal, his mother died. After a short sojourn at the Absorption Center in Beer Sheba, and due to the absence of parents and a normative family environment, he was referred to the Talpiot Children Village, where he resided for three years.

Today he is a striving, independent and ambitious citizen and family man and responsible for the social welfare of the Egged Cooperative’ workforce, Israel’s largest transportation operator. He is also deeply involved with assisting the Ethiopian community in his vicinity.

Prior to his current position, he worked for many years as a counselor with at-risk Ethiopian youth in the area of Hadera. To this day he continues to be constantly approached to provide advice and counsel on issues pertaining to education. His wife will soon graduate with an MA degree in Education, after which Zion will also embark on acquiring a higher, academic education.

After graduating from high school, he enlisted in the IDF and served the full tenure in the paratrooper combat unit.

Despite his meager family background and the lack of a supportive natural family to grow up in, Zion has become a self-sustaining, confident adult with ambitions and aspirations.

“He is an outstanding unique personality with the winning combination of wisdom, insight, perseverance, unlimited courage, ambition, modesty and generosity. Were it not for these attributes, backed by the staunch support of the professional staff of Talpiot at an early age, he would not have been able to achieve all that he has already”, says Talpiot Village Director.

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