Arriving in Israel at the age of 15, just weeks after his mother had passed away during childbirth, Zubi.* had a hard time adjusting to his new homeland. Together with his father and 8 siblings, grieving for their wife and mother, all caring for the newborn – times were hard.

A couple of months later Zubi. s’ father agreed for Zubi. and his younger brother, to come and study at T.O.M. Starting off at an Ulpan class, learning Hebrew and ways to adjust to the new surroundings. With the social worker he worked out his grief, found new friends, and kept an eye on his brother, finding a home away from home at T.O.M. After some time he was open to study, and did very well, graduating with a full matriculation certificate and a vocation in computers, to the pride and joy of his father and his “family” at T.O.M.

Joining the army, Zubi. volunteered to one of the choice units – Maglan. He excelled in his army service and was chosen as a remarkable soldier to be presented to the President on Independence Day.

Now, a couple of years later, Zubi. is a student of Social Work at the Sapir College. He also runs, as a volunteer, a special programme for Ethiopian born youth in the difficult neighborhoods, preparing them for meaningful army service as a way of becoming part of productive Israeli society.

* Name and picture of Zubi. have been changed at the request of the village.

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