Yemin Orde

Alona Poupesheva

Since her graduation from Yemin Orde in 2003, Alona Poupesheva, has achieved great success in her life thanks to the foundation of love and encouragement she received as a child at the Village. Alona recalls the unlimited emotional support she received from the staff and informal educators.

“Yemin Orde was and always will be my first home. It is a place where I have always felt protected and loved,” Alona said.

Alona was born in the former Soviet Union in 1984. She arrived at Yemin Orde when she was 16 years old, alone, leaving behind her parents and older brother.
While at Yemin Orde, Alona was extremely motivated to succeed. Her Tikkun Olam activities included volunteering at an afternoon clubhouse for young Ethiopian children in Hadera, not far from the Village. At the Village, she learned to love giving to others, and believes that community service and volunteering are important aspects to her life as an adult, as well.

“I remember the Village as a place full of life, an ingathering of kids from all over the world.”

After graduation from the Village, Alona enlisted in the army’s elite Canine Unit, where she served with distinction. She was then accepted to Hebrew University where she graduated with a BA in Political Science and International Relations. Following college graduation, she served as an assistant to a Member of the Knesset. Alona is now studying toward a Masters degree in Public Administration and is working part-time for the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI).

As a graduate, Alona returned often to the Village to visit with staff members and to receive guidance on issues that confronted her. While in the IDF, she spent many holidays and weekends at the Village to visit with other graduate soldiers and children.
Alona is a very proud independent young woman, grateful for where she is today. “I believe that it is important to always move forward and to give all that you have in order to succeed.”

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