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You have generously contributed to the dormitories, classrooms, sport-fields, computer labs, engineering workshops, synagogues, libraries, scholarships, gardens, kitchens and dining rooms. You have also helped us pay for instruments, music lessons, bikes and Bar- and Bat Mitzvah Celebrations.

This is why our villages are truly splendid spaces of peace and growth.

You are now invited to click on TODAY – to donate your time, your money and your thoughts to one of our ongoing projects.

Please don’t forget to visit us by clicking on TOMORROW – Your Legacy. Here you will find opportunities of how to be an active part of Israel’s next generation – our future. Even a little bit left to us in your will, goes a very long way.

Man and child studying at Yemine Orde village Villages photo gallery

“Save a life, save a whole world.”

Sanhedrin 37a

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