Tomorrow - Your Legacy

Among the orange groves of northern Israel, planted by 1933’s Youth Aliyah youngsters, stand our six youth villages today. It would be an ideal place for your legacy to make an impact. It would be the most meaningful way for you or a loved one’s memory to live on. It is in our youth villages where the future of Israel lies – it can be your investment in Israel’s next generation – a peaceful, hard-working and spiritually enriched community.

Situated near Haifa, Netanya and Hadera, the villages provide a home and education for some 2,500 deprived children, who lacked a good education, regular meals, caring parents and a supportive environment within which to develop. Their futures looked bleak: lives of alcohol, drugs and violence, with no hope, ambition, or opportunities. Often rescued from unsafe neighbourhoods by social services, the children, some are orphans, are referred to our villages. Finally, a bright future beckons.

All the villages embody the philosophy of Dr Chaim Peri, director of Yemin Orde Youth Village, empowering the children to grow into happy, responsible young adults and exemplary citizens. They embark on fulfilling careers and contribute to shaping Israeli society.

Over the next ten years you can change the lives of some 30,000 teenagers. Help us fund their care and join us on their journey. Become part of the thriving Israel of tomorrow. A healthy next generation will be your proud legacy.

Man and child studying at Yemine Orde village Villages photo gallery

“The youth village did not just build me up; it gave me the tools to help others.”

Noam - youth village graduate who today studies Electronics at the Technion in Haifa

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