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My name is Lior and I am very happy and proud that you are visiting us – even if it is on our website only.

I speak for the students living in the villages. My friends have come from all over the world. Some have travelled by foot through Africa…Myself and my brother have come from Russia. We arrived from a city just outside Moscow where we grew up in an orphanage.

At the Youth Aliyah Village, we have found a new home. Here, we learnt Ivrit. Here we started high-school and, most importantly, here we have friends and teachers who help us every day and in every way of life. I know they will help us once we leave the village. Everything is in place to support us throughout our young adult life. – even a graduate programme, scholarships to universities, help with building our own home.

B’todah ubeev’rachah (With thanks and good wishes)


“There is no place like this youth village in all the world.”

Shimon Peres - President of Israel

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