Aloney Yitzchak Youth Village

Over 300 junior and senior high school children from homes unable to provide them with what they need to become successful in life, live and learn at Aloney Yitzchak Youth Village. More than half of these young people are immigrants, many in the country without family. Another 180 “day” students from the surrounding towns join these boarders daily for the high quality schools with smaller classes, and the peaceful, environmentally conscious campus.

Founded in 1948, the birth year of the State of Israel, to absorb children orphaned by the Holocaust, the Village today is in the same location – within the Aloney Yitzchak Nature Preserve, with 3000 oak trees, a myriad of wildflowers, and organic farming. Children live in dormitories by age group, and are offered an extensive, nurturing, enriching physical, educational, and social environment including sports, art, music, leadership training, peer mediation, and much more. Every child contributes back to the Village one day a week, spending their 7 hours working in agriculture, the dining hall, laundry, and other services on campus. There is also an extensive, long-term Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World) programme.

In 2013 over 80% of the graduates earned full matriculation – almost double the national average, despite their challenging backgrounds.

Alumnus Yaakov Benbenisti is the Director of the Village, and lives on campus with his family, as do many other Village staff.

New Projects

Exciting new projects include a new diningroom and a new kitchen which is currently being totally refurbished. A scholarship program is in place helping Village’s graduates move on to university.

“"Every child can succeed! The aim of our village is to provide each child, no matter how traumatic their background, with tools and nurturing so they can thrive and achieve their potential."

Yaakov Benbenisti, Director of Aloney Yitzchak Youth Village

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