Neveh Hadassah

Located near Netanya, Neveh Hadassah is home to 310 boys and girls ages 11 to 18 from all over Israel, as well as from the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia. The younger children are being taught in the Village itself, while the older students are taken daily to suitable neighbourhood high schools. Upon graduation, every child receives a matriculation diploma and a relevant occupational certificate. The Village’s pass rate is 20% higher than the national average.

Helping students to break the cycle of distress and delinquency is the mission that Neveh Hadassah has set itself. Importantly, Director Nachum Rintzler ensures that every child, upon starting at Neveh Hadassah, begins with a complete psycho-didactic diagnosis which is followed up by a tailor-made educational, extra-curricular and emotional support programme.

New Projects

Recent projects include a refurbished swimming pool with funds donated by a British Committee, a refurbished synagogue with a beautiful new space for girls, an educational scheme for drug and alcohol prevention and “Haznek”. Haznek is a project aimed at assisting students with their after-school studies, helping them with homework or extra practice, and preparing students individually for their examinations.

“Children who roam the streets, need the Village all the more; they need eyes watching them 24 hours.”

Nachum Rintzler - Director

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