Situated in Hadera this village offers a warm and supportive home to 200 children aged 5-15, of whom some 50% are new immigrants from Ethiopia and FSU.. They are referred to Talpiot due to risk situations, i.e. neglect, dysfunctional parents, domestic violence, sexual abuse, mental illnesses, drug abuse and alcoholism.

Talpiot’s conviction that a child should grow up at home with his natural family, has led to the implementation of an innovative treatment model, which aims to both heal the child and empower his family. By treating the entire family, Talpiot generates a rehabilitative change that affords the return of the children home after a time-restricted residence and prevents the removal of siblings to residential arrangements.

Every year, the village succeeds to return close to 50 children to their rehabilitated homes, Sadly, every year Talpiot also receivs close to 300 referrals and offers immediate and long-range expert treatment, when necessary, to 130 sexually-abused children, including very young (under 12) sex offenders

New Projects

Talpiot is constantly initiating new projects to meet the needs of its children and families. These include: personalized family treatment programs, scholastic reinforcement and excellence promotion, therapeutic-educational music programs, parent-children workshops, therapeutic pet zoo funded by the Brighton & Hove Committee, Plans are underway to construct the onsite Pedagogic Centre and therapeutic centres in Southern Israel.

“We focus all our efforts on both the at-risk child and his family.”

Dr. Eli Shetrit

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