(Torah u'Mikzoah)

Located south of Hadera, this village was originally founded for the educational and emotional needs of religious teenage boys who were unable to fit into a High School Yeshiva environment. The village’s mission is: Torah u’Mikzo’ah – studying the Torah and learning a profession.

The village centres around the vocational high school, which offers studies in motor mechanics and engineering. Having established a fine standard for their training, T.O.M. enjoys a close link with local industry. Graduates go on to enter the army, enrol in industrial colleges, or to receive a position within the local industry. Known for its outstanding results in bringing boys to their highest level of potential, applicants to TOM now face a long waiting list.

New Projects

The two new Maurice and Vivienne Wohl dormitories, just recently opened, help accommodate new arrivals. Additionally, plans are underway to hopefully construct an auditorium for the boys to perform in and celebrate their achievements. TOM, known for its choir which has performed at the British Embassy in Jerusalem can now host other choirs from around the country.It is also one of the few villages who have successfully implemented the Israel Award, a challenge built on the DoE Award scheme.

Village Director David Elbaum has added another new and important project which is aimed at adding a post-graduate programme of two additional years for a particular group of students to better prepare them for their future.

“We Ethiopian-born Jews are often seen in the perspective of Israeli society, as charity cases. It is very important for the Ethiopian community to show that we also contribute.”

Yitzhak Elimelech - youth village graduate

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